Grade            Description of grade                                                     Achievable for      1         Easy going with some gentle hills              All members and visitors in all weathers.                 on typical tracks.       2       As above but can include short but             Most members and visitors in all weathers.                steep hills of less than half an hour                 duration.       3      As above but can include several steep        Only for regular ramblers, walk fit and acclimatised for              hills that can last longer than half an hour.     this type of terrain. Good footware advisable.       4     As above but usually a long walk including     Only for regular adult ramblers. As above but likely to need              much longer, steeper ascents and descents    help or hold others up. Proper footware essential.              requiring good stamina.       5      As above but can include difficult trails and     As above, ramblers will be checked by walk co-ordinator               ascents / descents requiring sure footing        or leader to confirm they can do this grade safely               and care. Scrambling possible.
Walk Grades
Eastern Cyprus Walking Group